eWhy Small Businesses Should Opt For Ecommerce Shipping Software?

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Running an ecommerce business, whether small or big is complicated. To be successful at ecommerce, you always consider your bottom line or your profit margins. And when it comes to profit margins, you can’t overlook the key part of e-business –shipping. Shipping strategy of every e-business is very important. This is because ecommerce merchants put a lot of expense on shipping, and if they don’t choose wisely they could end up losing significant money on it.

You have two shipping options, either choose any one among themail carriers or get the most out of shipping by using ecommerce multi carrier shipping software. USPS, FedEx or UPS are the very commonlyused mail carriers. Each shipping carrier offers different shipping packages and features to small businesses. The best way is to compare each alternative as per your business needs and analyze who can best serve your small business.

Since, shipping can get expensive and sometimes negotiating for cheaper shipping rates with carriers becomes backbreaking. So, what to do? Well, the better idea is to opt for ecommerce multi carrier shipping software. They not only integrate with multiple carriers but also help you get all the shipping discounts you wish for! Shippo and ShipStation are two examples, both has its own pros and cons.


Shippo offers two payment methods, Pay As You Go, and other one is pay based on volume. The former method is free to sign up and doesn’t require paying monthly fees. You only get to pay for shipping labels and the actual shipping carrier fee. The latter option requires you to connect with their sales representative where you can communicate frequency and amount of your shipping volume. The appealing part about Shippo is its low cost, yet Shippo’s store integration list is limited.


Their list to integrate with popular shopping carts and marketplaces is extensive. Ease of store integration is the main benefit. However, if you’re looking for free cost option, then it might not be your first choice.

Give Thought to Few Factors

When it comes to small business shipping, here are some things to mull over:

  • Consider shipping volume. What is the frequency of shipping – low or high? Whatever it is, mail carriers have various shipping plans that will suit your needs.
  • Weight of the items to be shipped can affect the price of shipping. So it’s best to know how much do your products typically weigh on average.
  • Are you shipping domestically or internationally?

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